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Such were the statements in the owners of the topless fishing vessel once they encounter issues about their ‘innovative’ business. These girls aboard their ship can last topless, but only when the guests wants them in order to. And it entails an extra fee at that. Additionally, they can only consider their tops off when the boat is already miles away from the shore. The owners further added that even though they allow topless fishing, they strictly implement a no-touch policy with their ladies.

The charter is really a favorite vessel for stag parties and group excursions. The owners admit that their topless fishing strategy had result in their vessel’s full booking of five days per week. To promote their company, they have created pamphlets and placed them at restaurants and other prime spots where there’s plenty of foot traffic.

However, the manager of the town marina where the topless fishing ship is docked isn’t too happy with their presence and their line of business. He claimed that Florida has plenty of family visitors and they will can’t tolerate nudity within their shores. And so the marina manager is left with no choice but to take the charter’s business away through the city docks.

The situation between the city of Florida and also the topless fishing vessel started the moment the marina tried to consider their business out. The owners in the fishing vessel said what the city did is solely discrimination. They don’t think it is fair and they want to go back to the city docks in which the business is great. Right now, they are at a private dock and they claim that they don’t get the same volume of guests that they used to have when they’re at the city marina. They want to provide their vessel back right where it was previously. The case is currently in the courts and the owners of the topless fishing vessel tend to be drumming up support for their business. The support will come in the form of signatures, which will be presented to the city commission.

Whether this particular topless fishing case will be decided favorably for the actual owners or not, they’re still not from business, so to speak. Everybody who is thinking about adding a certain degree of fun in their fishing adventure could try their service. But of study course, this event can’t become a family activity like what a regular fishing adventure should be.

Additionally, booking the topless fishing vessel will be a lot more expensive than booking the normal ones. And if you really want to really see females go topless, you should pay an extra fee. How much that extra fee, it wasn’t stated. But it’s going to become a very steep price for sure.
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